Ene 11 2016

Estatik Mortgage Calculator 2.0 ready!

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Today our team has pushed out a long-awaited major release of Estatik Mortgage Calculator! It has absolutely new code inside and has some new good features on the front.

1️⃣ It became more optimized & flexible.
Estatik Calculator 2.0 is more effective in performance as we applied more optimized and minimized js/css scripts. All styles are implemented via lightweight and flexible lazy load scripts. It makes your webpage loading much faster.

2️⃣ New design settings.
Now you can try new slider icon – ’round’ beside ‘triangle’. You can create your custom version of animated diagram in a results popup window by adjusting color for every payment value.

3️⃣ New widget settings.
We have added extra settings to widget, so you can use different styled calculators on different pages and sidebars.

It is still FREE and integrated with Estatik Simple, PRO and Premium.

Happy updating everyone!

Estatik Mortgage Calculator 2.0 ready!

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